Tag 6 – Belize nach Grand Cayman


Comments are off Feb 5, 2016 AIDA Luna - Karibik 2016
day 6 – day at sea 4 – Belize to Grand Cayman

A woman says, that she would find it incredible, that Jamaica would not look like she had imagined. Somehow dirty and too much trash. To remain diplomatically I formulate it that way. The person who flies 9000km with an airplane, wears h&m clothes with glitter, takes a taxi to the city, makes a cruise trip on a packed ship, eats four times a day at the buffet, who teased his hair with hairspray and who lives in a country which decided the nuclear phase-out in their own country, but who attendant power stations, for example exports to Brazil, who should not believe that this is ecologically completely harmless, just because you can’t see the pollution. I will leave it that way. The rest of the day is filled with workshop. There we learn that the deer is not the male deer. And that’s really new for me. The deer is calles „Bock“. I already forgot the name of the woman-red-deer It sounded a bit scary. Otherwise, everything’s the same.